Hats off, literally!!!


via Daily Prompt: Hospitality

Kudos to those who have the grace and generousity to show hospitality to friends, family, whomever.  It takes a whole lot of time and consideration to make sure that diet and health requirements/expectations are met.  Visitors have a good time touring your “neck of the woods.”  Outside of hosting a good meal with some thoughtful conversation, our hospitality is limited and we like it that way.


Aka=stubborn!!! One of my mom’s biggest criticisms of dad was his stubbornness. In retrospect, it was probably one of his greatest strengths. From extremely humble beginnings, Dad survived WWII; earned a PhD; raised 5 relatively decent children; and retired early enough to enjoy strumming his bass, bicycling, and helping family as well as friends. Up until cancer took him down, Dad’s motto was live life to the fullest, keep moving forward, never quit!

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