Daily Prompt: Smoke

via Daily Prompt: Smoke, I was just pondering over the best way to approach my nephew, who at age 26, smokes.  Lord only know how long he has smoked.  But as a child, he told his dad (after watching him smoke) when he was old enough, he’d smoke too because he’d look cool.  You’d think that in this day and age, we’d be smarter about not adopting habits which are detrimental to our health.  But my dear brother AND his son are chronic smokers.  I do not look forward to watching them die of lung cancer…😥😩😭


Daily Prompt: Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful is my aka.  It has become my nature to be “careful.”  In doing so, I’m trying to follow my intuition now more so than when work interfered.  The downside, sometimes, of being careful is it squelches spontaneity a bit.  So for my friends who tend to call at the last minute with some sort of adventure, my response is to pause consider the pros and cons, and then respond…

Daily Prompt: Disagree

via Daily Prompt: Disagreeing with a beloved parent, friend, or spouse can be a challenge.  However, once I realized voicing my disagreement with a beloved didn’t mean I loved or respected him or her less, I just didn’t agree with him or her on a particular topic…In addition, if someone disagrees with me, doesn’t mean he or she is being demeaning or condescending, instead it probably means he or she sees, let’s say, religion, differently than I do.